Potty Training 101

The first question that pops up into everyone's head right before getting a pup. How do I potty train my puppy? or How the hell do I get my puppy to stop peeing inside my house. 

We get how hard and uncomfortable this process could be to you and your pup. Especially in small spaces. That is why he have the solution on how to easily and quickly potty train your pup. 


STEP 1: Get nature delivered to your doorstep!

Step one is simple. Start a subscription with PIPI Patch and get nature delivered to your door step. 


STEP 2: Place Mat in desired place

After receiving your PIPI Patch and plastic tray find a designated place for it. This could be on a balcony, small room, just about anywhere. Due to PIPI Patch being 100% natural and organic there is no smell lingering. 


STEP 3: Time to Leash Up! 

Place a leash on your dog as if you are going for walk. Start to walk over to PIPI Patch and simply let your dog sniff and discover. 


STEP 4: Lots of Treats and Rewards!!

Every time your pup sniffs say the designated word for potty. We personally like "pipi". Patience is key! Repeat the word every single time your dog sniffs on the mat. Once your pup has pottied on the patch offer lots of treats, rewards and praise. 



We recommend repeating this every 30 min - 1 hr until your pup is holding it longer. Offering every 30 minutes at the begging will create a habit. Once your pup understands this habit it will understand to only potty on the patch. 


We hope this process is easy and mess free! We wish you the best of luck!

Delivering nature to your doorstep! Tail wag included

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